Politics: China detained the vanished president of Interpol one month ago — and his wife fears he's dead

Interpol President Meng Hongwei, pictured here in Lyon in May, has been missing for more than a month.

China said on October 7 that it was investigating Meng Hongwei over bribery allegations. Interpol said it received his resignation that same day.

  • Meng Hongwei, the Chinese president of Interpol, disappeared after traveling to China in late September.
  • China acknowledged on October 7 that it had detained Meng and was investigating him over bribery allegations. Interpol said it received his resignation that same day.
  • Beijing has gone silent since then.
  • Interpol said organization rules forbade an investigation into Meng's disappearance.
  • Meng's wife, Grace, said her husband's disappearance was "political persecution" and that she wasn't sure he was alive.

It's been more than a month since Beijing confirmed that the vanished Interpol president had been detained in China, and we're no closer to knowing what happened.

Meng Hongwei disappeared after traveling to China on September 29. Beijing broke its silence over the matter a week later, on October 7, saying that it had detained him and was investigating him over bribery allegations.

That same day Interpol said it received Meng's resignation — without specifying the source — and accepted it "with immediate effect."

Jürgen Stock, Interpol's secretary-general, told reporters on Thursday that "there was no reason for me to (suspect) that anything was forced or wrong" about the resignation.

Details of China's allegations against Meng remain unclear. His detention appears to be part of a wider "anti-corruption drive" led by President Xi Jinping since his ascendancy to the Chinese leadership.

Activists at Human Rights Watch believe Meng is kept under a form of secret detention called liuzhi (留置), where the person is held incommunicado without access to lawyers or relatives for up to six months.

Sophie Richardson, the organization's China director, told Business Insider that "we assume but cannot confirm" that.

The wife's fight

Meng's wife, Grace, repeatedly denied China's corruption charges and claimed that her husband's disappearance was "political persecution."

She told the BBC last month: "I'm not sure he's alive. They are cruel. They are dirty," she added, referring to China's tactics to silence people.

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Grace Meng added that she received a threatening phone call shortly after Meng's disappearance, in which a man speaking in Chinese warned her not to speak out.

Reuters reported last week that Meng had retained two law firms in London and Paris to track down her husband. Business Insider contacted the two firms for comment on Meng's next steps.

Below is the last text Grace Meng received from her husband on September 25. It says in Chinese: "Wait for my call," followed by a knife emoji — a possible warning that he was in danger.

Interpol says it can't investigate, but is "strongly encouraging" China to speak out

The international police organization, where Meng was elected president in 2016, has not provided much clarity either.

It has not released a public statement since October 7, when it acknowledged Meng's resignation and has not responded to Business Insider's request for comment.

Stock, Interpol's secretary-general, said on Thursday that the organization's rules forbade him from investigating Meng's disappearance.

"We are not an investigative body," he said, according to the Associated Press. He added that "we are strongly encouraging China" to provide details of Meng's whereabouts.

Richardson of Human Rights Watch told Business Insider: "If President Xi was even remotely serious about the rule of law, Meng would be guaranteed fair trial rights, but that is highly unlikely to happen given the profound politicization of China's legal system."

Rights groups protested Meng's election to the Interpol presidency at the time, citing his previous work at China's ministry of public security in Xinjiang and Tibet. The two regions are home to the country's Uighur and Tibetan ethnic minorities, who Beijing has attempted to muzzle.

During Meng's tenure, China submitted multiple "red notices" — Interpol arrest warrants — for dissidents around the world.

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Roderic Wye, an associate fellow at Chatham House and former first secretary in the British Embassy in Beijing, told Business Insider last month that public disappearances were not unusual in China, especially in politics.

"It is often a sign that someone has got into trouble if they fail to appear in public doing their normal duties for a period of time," he said.

Earlier this year Chinese authorities publicly disappeared prominent Chinese actress Fan Bingbing for three months after she was accused of evading taxes.

Read more: The humbling of Fan Bingbing is a warning shot from China to anyone who thinks they can defy them


Nana Rogues – 'To The Max' ft. WizKid, Not3s

Watch Wizkid in the visuals to 'To The Max' with Nana Rogues and Not3s.

Wizkid teams up with Nana Rogues in the visuals to his latest single, 'To The Max' featuring Not3s.

It's a power collaboration as renowned UK producer, Nana Rogues enlists Wizkid and Not3s on his single, 'To The Max' released earlier in August.

The visuals was directed by Silent Tapes.

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The easy, affordable way to get a completely customizable tuxedo set

And yet, you don't want to show up at your best friend's wedding/black tie gala/holiday party looking anything less than impeccable.

Between shopping for the perfect tuxedo, shirt, tie and cufflinks, dressing for a formal affair can end up costing a pretty penny.

And yet, you don't want to show up at your best friend's wedding/black tie gala/holiday party looking anything less than impeccable.

So what's a style-conscious guy on a budget to do?

It's actually quite simple. Indochino, the made-to-measure menswear favorite, gives guys the ability to customize nearly every facet of their tuxedos and shirts in an easy-to-use online interface. You get to pick from countless black-tie-friendly dinner jackets and classic midnight tuxedos while adding your own touch, whether it's changing the type of lapel, lining, or the number of buttons (at no additional cost). The site guides you with clear references and imagery that allow you to make an informed decision as you personalize your look.


Indochino understands that guys want everything they need for the big day in one place. That's why they're offering one of the sweetest deals around: You can get a complete set that includes a custom tailored tuxedo, custom shirt, tie/bowtie and cufflinks all for just $559 when you use the code TUXBUNDLE. When you consider the fact that the same quality of off-the-rack tuxedos at most retailers start at well over $1k, this all-in-one package is truly a steal.

If you prefer to actually see/feel the fabrics or get your measurements done in person before you place an order, you could also book an appointment in one of their 26 U.S. showrooms and get fitted there by an Indochino style guide. He or she will walk you through all the fabric selections and give you the best advice on customization and styling. Once you place your order, you'll only have to wait 2-3 weeks for your custom tux to arrive. If you need any last minute alterations, you can book an appointment with your style guide who can make an expert tailor makes the necessary adjustments.


With everything you need for the big event available in one easy, personalized, affordable swoop, you'll never consider entering those tacky big box tux rental shops at the mall again. It's not 2006 anymore people.

Use the code TUXBUNDLE to save on a complete set of a customizable tuxedo jacket and pants, shirt, tie and cufflinks for only $559 here.

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Holy crap, Michael B. Jordan's opponent in creed ii is a jacked terror

Holy crap, Michael B. Jordan's opponent in creed ii is a jacked terror

MGM just released new footage introducing us to the Rocky franchise's next villain, and to say it has fans hyped is an understatement.

Creed II had to find a way to up the ante from the 2015 original. Michael B. Jordan looks bigger and meaner than ever. But damn, we're getting nervous about what he's going up against.


MGM just released new footage introducing us to the Rocky franchise's next villain, and to say it has fans hyped is an understatement. Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu, the Romanian actor, boxer, and fitness star, will play none other than Viktor Drago-and holy crap, he's jacked as hell.

For those not clued in, Viktor is the son of Ivan Drago, the Soviet boxer who killed Adonis Creed's father Apollo Creed in a fight in Rocky IV, thus sparking Rocky's vengeful match against Ivan. In Creed II, out November 21, Adonis will have to confront this sad legacy, taking on Viktor as his opponent in the ring. We also know that Dolph Lundgren will be back to reprise his role as Ivan, emotionless killing machine.

If Adonis has any hope of a shot, he needs to come out with some new moves. As the video tells us, Viktor Drago-like Munteanu-is a 6'4", 245-pound beast with a 79" reach who makes Jordan looks puny by comparison. Even the way he does pull-ups doesn't seem quite human. So much for the days when Jordan looked scary.

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Crush your core with this killer barbell move

Crush your core with this killer barbell move

Men's Health Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., uses a barbell to make his core work even harder during this decline situp circuit.

Your ab circuits might be missing a major component. You can train your core with bodyweight moves like planks and holds all you like – but to really push your six-pack to the next level, you should add some weighted resistance.


Men's Health Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., uses a barbell to make his core work even harder during this decline situp circuit. The situp has been derided by some fitness authorities of late, but Samuel insists that the move can still be super effective – especially with the added weight.

"Situps and spinal flexion get a bad rap in the fitness world today," he says. "Newsflash: One of the functions of your abdominals is to – wait for it – flex your spine. If we train that smartly, it's still a great way to build a six-pack."

To perform the series, you'll need a decline bench and a barbell. Don't just grab the nearest 45-pound bar handy, however; Samuel says that you'll need less weight than you might expect. "Even a 20 [pound bar] will slay most people if you’re really owning that hold position," he says, noting that he filmed the series using a 25-pound bar himself. If you struggle getting lighter weight up or don't have access to smaller barbells, just use your body weight and keep your hands directly over your shoulders throughout the series. 

  • Start in hold position with your torso parallel to ground, holding the barbell directly over your shoulders. Don't let the bar drift over your chest.

  • Hold for 2 seconds.

  • Perform 3 situp reps, flexing your back muscles to shoot the bar overhead.

  • Return back to the hold position.

  • Repeat the cycle twice more for 3 total clusters.

Samuel says that your abs get work from both the situps and the bracing that comes during the hold position, which is another key function of your core. "The regular bracing in this will help you keep your situp form clean, reinforcing in your mind that your core must stay tight," he says. "We're also adding load to the equation to really carve depth and shape into our abs."

Add this burner to your workout as a core finisher by doing 3 total sets of the series, with about a minute between each set.

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Conor McGregor's wax figure is now on display in NYC, and it's…Something

This tower of lifeless muscle is brought to you by Madame Tussauds, the wax museum in New York City's Times Square that people pay money to visit, for some reason.

What's scarier than coming face-to-face with Conor McGregor in the MMA octagon? Oh, I don't know, maybe coming face-to-face with Conor McGregor made entirely of wax???



This tower of lifeless muscle is brought to you by Madame Tussauds, the wax museum in New York City's Times Square that people pay money to visit, for some reason. On Thursday, McGregor became the latest celebrity to have their waxy likeness appear in the museum's hallowed halls.

The figure will reside in Madame Tussaud's Sports Zone Experience, where "guests will have the opportunity to take part in the ultimate weigh-in and step onto a customized scale, which will showcase how they measure up in the world of MMA weight class," according to a press release.


Okay, I'll admit it: As far as wax figures go, this one ranks pretty low on the creepy scale, and it really does look a lot like the Irish MMA fighter. It's a heck of a lot better than the straight-up nightmare fuel that went on display at Dublin's National Wax Museum last year. That Conor McGregor wax figure was dubbed "corpse-like" and "the ugliest thing you'll ever see" by various media outlets, and honestly, I see where they were coming from.


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Is giving up booze for a month actually worth it?

These goals usually revolve around eating healthier or hitting the gym. In fact, a YouGov poll from January 2018 revealed that eating healthier, working out and saving money were the three most popular resolutions for the year.

Every January, people attempt New Year’s resolutions to beome a healthier, new version of themselves.

These goals usually revolve around eating healthier or hitting the gym. In fact, a YouGov poll from January 2018 revealed that eating healthier, working out and saving money were the three most popular resolutions for the year.

But recently, giving up alcohol in the name of “Dry January” has become trendy. If you haven’t already heard of the popular resolution, here’s the lowdown on what that entails.

What is Dry January?

Created by UK-based nonprofit Alcohol Research UK, the first official “Dry January” began in 2013. That year, more than 4,300 people pledged not to drink any alcohol for the month of January. And yes, “dry” means abstaining from alcohol for a month without any cheat days.

In 2017, over 5 million Brits pledged to live booze-free for the campaign, which has quickly become trendy in the United States. Apart from better sleep and increased energy – well-documented benefits of forgoing alcohol – proponents claim that dumping booze for one month can reverse the negative health impacts of regular drinking, like fatty liver disease and elevated blood sugar.

Great! So a 4-week abstinence stint can wash away years of binge drinking and a daily Bud habit, right? Well, not exactly. Read on to find out what downing too much booze does to your body-and whether or not Dry January is really worth it.


First, Here’s How Alcohol Affects Your Body

Your body breaks booze down in multiple spots, including your stomach and pancreas, but your liver bears the burden of turning alcohol into less damaging forms. In that process, toxic byproducts lead to inflammation in your pancreas, which could potentially harm your insulin-producing cells and impair your fat metabolism. This could lead to fatty liver, a silent disease that’s relatively benign in its early stages. (Your liver isn’t the only thing at risk: drinking too much can damage your entire body, including your heart, skin, penis, and muscles.)

Even though fatty liver is common in those that drink at or above the guidelines (“moderate” is defined as no more than two drinks per day for men), there is evidence that it’s reversible when you abstain from alcohol or even drink less, says Rotonya Carr, M.D., hepatologist at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

With continued drinking, about a third of people with fatty liver go on to develop alcoholic hepatitis, or inflammation of the liver, which eventually leads to scarring and the life-threatening condition of cirrhosis in 10 to 20 percent of patients. Even in these advanced stages, research suggests that giving up alcohol can reverse scarring and improve the chance of survival.

“The liver is a very forgiving organ,” adds Dr. Carr, “it can heal itself when the insult, in this case alcohol, goes away.”


So, Can Giving Up Alcohol For a Month Reverse the Damage?

The catch: It’s going to take more than one month to completely heal your liver and the rest of your body, points out Aaron White, Ph.D., senior scientist at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. “But taking a month off from drinking is never a bad idea, and is a great time to evaluate your relationship with alcohol,” says White.

Going Alcohol-Free May Improve Sleep Quality

Anecdotally, people often credit alcohol with helping them sleep. However, a review of studies in 2013 found that alcohol may help people fall asleep quicker and sleep more deeply during the initial stages of sleep, but is likely to disrupt sleep later in the night.

“Alcohol on the whole is not useful for improving a whole night's sleep. Sleep may be deeper to start with, but then becomes disrupted,” study co-author Chris Idzikowski, PhD, and sleep specialist, said in a statement. “Additionally, that deeper sleep will probably promote snoring and poorer breathing. So, one shouldn't expect better sleep with alcohol."

Dry January Can Help You Drink Less

We don’t often realize how much we drink, or, say, how much we depend on a nightly beer or weekend bender to relax. While drinking in moderation isn’t all bad – and is, in fact, associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and death – taking time off may help you drink less the rest of the year. In fact, research suggests it will positively impact your drinking choices following the challenge.

A 2016 study of adults who did a “Dry January” – meaning they stopped drinking booze entirely for the first month of the new year – found that up to six months later, they were drinking on fewer occasions and drank less when they did imbibe. (Now, you might prefer the moderation route if going cold turkey sounds too restrictive.

Case in point: Pat Heine, a 29-year-old trail runner, cut out booze in January 2017 to prepare for the 106-mile Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc. “I’d seen other runners quit drinking as a way to focus for big races," says Heine.

More than a year later, he’s still dry. “I was feeling better physically and mentally.”

One word of caution, though. If you are a chronic heavy drinker going cold turkey, pay attention for symptoms like insomnia, agitation, sweating, and anxiety. This could signal withdrawal, a potentially life-threatening situation that needs medical supervision. In that case, it’s best to talk to your doc first.

You may have a drinking problem if routinely you black out or if friends have expressed concern about how much alcohol you consume. For guys, binge drinking typically meanspartaking in five or more drinks in the span of about two hours. According to the United States dietary guidelines, men should drink no more than two alcoholic drinks per day. A single drink is roughly a 12-ounce beer, 5-ounce glass of wine or 1.5-ounce shot of liquor.

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APC ratifies expulsion of Sokoto Zonal V/Chairman

Lagos APC officially receives ex-PDP bigwig, other defectors

A statement by the Publicity Secretary of the party in the area, Kabiru Kwandawa, said the expulsion was ratified at a meeting on Nov. 1.

The Sokoto-North Local Government Executive Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Friday ratified the expulsion of the National Zonal Vice Chairman of the party in charge of the Northwest, Alhaji Inuwa Abdulkadir.

A statement by the Publicity Secretary of the party in the area, Kabiru Kwandawa, said the expulsion was ratified at a meeting on Nov. 1.

“The decision was sequel to the resolution of the Magajin Gari ‘A’ ward upon complaint filed by one Naibi Abubakar,” he said.

According to the statement, the zonal vice chairman was invited to defend himself in the spirit of fair hearing but failed to appear before the disciplinary committee which found him guilty of some offences.

“He was accused of anti party activities, continued absence from party meetings and other related activities.

” Such activities shown in the complaints are based on the provisions of the APC constitution,” the statement said.

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2019: Gov. Ikpeazu, Otti, Ogah make INEC list of Abia governorship candidates

Election countdown

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu, Dr Alex Otti and Chief Uche Ogah made the list of 29 candidates for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and All Progressives Congress (APC), respectively.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Abia on Friday displayed the list of eligible candidates for the 2019 governorship and House of Assembly elections in the state.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu, Dr Alex Otti and Chief Uche Ogah made the list of 29 candidates for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and All Progressives Congress (APC), respectively.

Dr Blessing Nwagba, representing Aba North Constituency in the state House of Assembly, also made the list as the governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

NAN reports that the commission has also released a list of 331 House of Assembly candidates for 36 political parties in the state.

The list was displayed at the INEC headquarters in Umuahia, the state capital, while that of the House of Assembly would be published at the local government offices of the commission.

The commission on Tuesday published the list of candidates for the Senatorial and House of Representatives elections in the state.

The commission has also displayed the list of registered voters at the 292 political wards in the state for people to cross-check and make observations ahead of the general elections in 2019.

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McSkill ThaPreacha 's ''The 9th Chapter'' album delivers a flawed, yet enjoyable listen

ALBUM REVIEW: McSkill ThaPreacha - The 9th Chapter

Once you get past the long name, unassuming album art and subtle flaws peculiar to Mc Preacha's person, this is a good listen.

Once in a while, music surprises you and then your summation surprises you. McSkill ThaPreacha’s ''The 9th Chapter'' album is one of them; an imperfect album, but a rewarding listen nonetheless.

As much as reviews are purely about emotional reactions, there has to be a balance of perspectives.

This will not be a conventional album review that addresses each song through an x-ray vision that disintegrates the various facets of each song, before making a summation. Instead, it will seek to address the summation of the album through the various issues that generally permeate it.


The reason is simple; addressing ''The 9th Chapter'' song by song might suit it from a linear perspective because this album does not have a central, cohesive narrative, but then, in the end, scoring the album as a body of work will make it seem disjointed and therein lies the first issue.

With a deftly organized tracklist that elevates the listening experience, nearly deflecting or even camouflaging the album’s flaw with a creative cloak, there is an ease of transcendence from one song to another.


The tracklist was the chief strength of this album and the vehicle that drives its enjoyability. It allows the listener to savour each track independently.

The first four tracks were more empathetic, evoking the emotive hue of a rapper who wants his side that feels to be duly felt and represented on those tracks. Bits and pieces of other sides to him or his other personalities that became full-blown on the next five songs intermittently made appearances through the first third.

Of course, it helps that a single producer and regular collaborator Stormatique produced the album. Aided by brilliant production that is primarily rooted in classic beatbox and boom bap and occasional dabbles in ballad-rap, trap music, and drum ‘n bass, there is a central sound, albeit with a diversity of subgenres that boost the album.

The next five tracks showcased a savage side to Mc Skill who became more vicious, ruthless and vindictive.


He addresses people who never believed in him, he addresses an obviously long-held in anger toward mumble rap and the scourge of 'Oppressors' and even discredits the importance of the Permanent Voters’ Card, before going through a kaleidoscope of 'Memories' in a representation of smoke and mirrors.

The final three tracks showcased the empathetic and vindictive parts to Mcskill, but he was more aspirational, relatable and idealistic. 'Mic Check' and 'Trust The Process' convey topics a lot of us will sufficiently relate with.

The problem though is that the album has no cohesion of thematic base. Ordinarily, that will be a problem for me, but then, I surprised myself. An album should sometimes be perceived from what it is and not what it was meant to be.


There is a fairly integrating glue on the album and that is Mcskill himself as the creator-in-chief. Every song addressed different sides to the creator and the many issues he visibly felt the need to address and that is sufficient because, every topic picked on each track was significantly addressed.

Nonetheless, Mcskill can be a little self-absorbed. For example, on 'Oppressor', while he could have stuck to talking about his major theme, he delved a little too much into himself.

The album was mostly told from a first-person perspective, but there is an air of self-absorption that makes the listener want more on some tracks — the feeling that some of those tracks could cut to another level.

Plus points for honest deliveries and storytelling as well. It doesn’t seem he wanted to create a cohesive body of work and that’s okay too — or it should be. This album is not scatterbrained, it’s just different.

Fantastic production


As noted earlier, the production is firmly rooted in classic Hip-hop, beatboxing and boom bap with occasional dabbles in ballad-rap, drum ‘n bass, and trap music. You feel there is a central sound despite the many subgenre diversity.

The production on this album is top notch. Even when the beats are intentionally handled with a sandpaper feel like on 'Mic Check 2.0', there is a polished, enjoyable sound as the production laid on Italian wood. The production on 'Walk', 'Real Talk' and 'Trust the Process' are particularly brilliant.

There is a feeling of expertise from Stormatique as an all-around music maker. An imaginary trip into the embers which 'Trust The Process' was forged make a listener with an obsession with good production appreciate the running water, chirping birds, sneaky snake, and noisy toad effects.

The first part of the album was more contemporary with the drum ‘n bass and trap drums, the second part was more vintage music and the final part, more risqué and out of the box.

Lyricism and flow didn’t always go well with beats

No rapper is perfect, not even the legendary Jay Z who’s arguably not as technically adaptable and enjoyable to several speeds, beats per minute or beat styles as say a Pusha T whom many will say is not on the same level. Listeners just get used to weaknesses till they don’t appear to anymore.


On The 9th Chapter, while you could easily appreciate what is being said, sometimes you could not help but want more from the technique you’re listening to, though by no means poor.

Sometimes, it felt like lines with insufficient words get stretched to fill a bar. Other times, it felt like lines with slightly excessive words get choked up, to not spill onto the next bars.

Sometimes as well, it felt like the cadences were a breath shorter or a breath too dense. Other times in between bars, you could find the holes and it’s sometimes exposed by major weakness Mcskill ThaPreacha has; phonology and word pronunciation.

The problem of phonology and pronunciation


Talent or proven ability is not the problem with Mcskill, the problem is that curves have edges. Hip-hop, especially when delivered in English and not in an indigineous tongue or vernacular carries is a demander of accurate word pronunciation.

For some people, it comes naturally, for others they had to learn it. Hip-hop blew off the ebonics and its peculiar accentuation of words, thus many early rappers thought that accentuation of words mark the standard for quality rap. Other rappers had to learn the ebonics so they would get taken seriously.

This same problem of rap prototyping and myopic standardizing is why rappers who spit in their local language or creole barely if ever get the recognition their talent and deliveries deserve. 

Nonetheless, it is what it is, Mc Skill has a mild problem with word pronunciation that reflects where he is from.


Dennis Peter of Filter Free is right and it’s okay to have certain demands of rappers. He says in his article on 'Importance of enunciation in rap',

“Keeping up with a rapper that labours with word pronunciation is quite the unpleasant chore. Listening to indie rap veteran McSkill ThaPreacha’s recently released album, The 9th Chapter was a chore. 

“Mostly down to curiosity, I pressed play on The 9th Chapter, but my enthusiasm ran out of the window faster than I could anticipate, but I sat — more like wrestled my way — through the whole thing.''

Harsh, but very true. Mcskill has bars, but it’s very hard to savour his projects without noticing the H-factor and intonations. It can sometimes be a downer because that’s what rap is and you can’t outrun it, but your fans would have learned to overlook the weaknesses for the plus points.

That said, I am one of the few people who can overlook word pronunciation  –  through a problem  –  to enjoy the music, which is really good. Superstar rap legend of trap music, T.I is very rooted in his Atlanta vernacular and accent, it is a part of him.

Proper A&R

This album was definitely handled by a person who will make a really dope A&R; great tracklisting, great topics, suited to each beat and fantastically picked features; each feature fitting perfectly into the music. Credit to whoever handpicked Roey for Work, Justina Lee Brown, Shayjtoday, Mic Dailie, Freeborn and even Lasisi Elenu.

His adaptability is also welcome across several beats per minute, subgenres and styles.

Standout tracks

'Listen to The Kids' featuring Justina Lee Brown, 'Real Talk' and 'Trust The Process' featuring the incredible Freeborn.


Rating: 3/5


3-Worth Checking Out
4-Smoking Hot

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