A guide to attending large music concerts in Nigeria

A guide to attending large music concerts in Nigeria

Tis the season for Nigerian celebrities to give out rewards to their fans in the form of shows and concerts. Here is a guide to surviving them all.

So many things are happening across Nigeria this December, and if you intend to come out rejoicing at the end of it all, you need to follow our guide.

1. It's okay to miss it

Consider ticket prices, and then decide if you can actually afford to attend the concert. Even if you can't attend, you will be fine eventually.

2. Don't come on time

With the stories of performers coming three hours late, four hours late, it would be better to come fashionably late to the event.

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3. Come with your squad

Going to a large concert alone is no fun at all. You need fellow fans, or just people to watch your back.

4. Leave your gadgets at home


The stories of people losing their phones at concerts are too much to count. If it isn't small enough to hold in your hand, you might want to leave it at home. Because of how rowdy the crowd can get at both indoor and outdoor concerts, it's easy to part ways with gadgets easily.

5. Stay cautious

To ensure that you are alert at all times, you might want to watch your intake of alcohol and other intoxicating consumables. Concerts can get rowdy to the point that a fight may break out, so you don't want to be too high or wasted.

6. Don't carry a lots of cash with you

It would be better to go cashless at such events, as there is a higher possibility that you might part ways with the money if you take it there, whether from impulsive spending or sneaky thieves.

7. Have fun!

The temptation to keep pressing your phone might be strong, but you need to let go and have fun! Immerse yourself in the music and dance and let loose, because, isn't that what you're there for anyway?

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Politics: James Comey urged people to 'use every breath we have' to stop Trump from getting reelected in 2020

Former FBI Director James Comey in Capitol Hill in June 2017.

Former FBI Director James Comey said he wanted Democrats to pick a candidate that would beat the president in 2020, but did not want him impeached.

  • Former FBI Director James Comey urged people to "use every breath we have" to make sure "the lies stop" and President Donald Trump is not reelected in 2020.
  • He also urged Democrats to choose a nominee that would beat Trump.
  • He said, however, that impeachment could leave some Americans feeling like there had been a "coup."
  • Comey, a vocal Trump critic, said the president was "certainly close" to being an unindicted co-conspirator in crimes identified in the Russia probe.
  • He also said he had become "numb" to Trump's criticisms of him.

Former FBI Director James Comey urged people to "use every breath we have" to prevent US President Donald Trump from being reelected in 2020.

Comey told MSNBC's Nicole Wallace on Sunday night, as cited by CNN: "All of us should use every breath we have to make sure the lies stop on January 20, 2021," referring to the next presidential inauguration day.

Comey, a former Republican and frequent Trump critic who now identifies as nonpartisan, urged Democrats to choose the candidate best suited to defeating Trump in the election.

"I understand the Democrats have important debates now over who their candidate should be," Comey told Wallace, "but they have to win. They have to win."

He added that he was worried that a third-party candidate, like Michael Bloomberg, could take away enough votes from a Democrat to let Trump win, The Daily Beast reported. "That's Donald Trump's reelection strategy," he said.

Comey has been vocal on his feelings about the president's truthfulness and has previously said that Trump is known for "lying about all things" and compared the president to a "mob boss" that has a need for "complete control" — a comparison he repeated in Sunday's interview.

Read More: Comey says anyone who thinks the FBI favored Hillary Clinton in its emails investigation is 'smoking something'

Comey said that he wanted Trump out of office, but not impeached. He said that removing Trump in a landslide vote would "rid ourselves of this attack on our values," but that removal by impeachment would "muddy that."

Removing Trump by impeachment, he said, could leave many across the US with the feeling that their leader was removed in a "coup."

But he also ruled out the possibility that he might run for election himself. "I'm never gonna run," he said.

Russia probe

Comey, who Trump fired as FBI Director in 2017, also discussed recent key developments in the bureau's probe into the Trump presidential campaign's ties with Russia, such as the new sentencing memos for former Trump allies Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.

Federal prosecutors on Friday recommended "substantial prison time" and a $100,000 fine for longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who pleaded guilty to financial crimes, campaign violations, and lying to Congress.

They also accused Manafort, the former chairman of Trump's presidential campaign, told prosecutors "discernible lies" about his contacts with the White House, breaching his cooperation agreement.

When asked if Trump could be an unindicted co-conspirator in some of the crimes described by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Comey said he did not know, but said of Mueller: "If he's not there, he's certainly close."

Read More: Incoming top Democrats predict impeachment and jail time for Trump with increasing confidence

Comey also responded to Trump lashing out at him on Twitter earlier on Sunday, in which he accused Comey of lying to Congress in testimony he delivered on Friday about his role in investigating Hillary Clinton's email server and the Trump campaign's potential ties to Russia.

Trump, who repeatedly referred to Comey as "Lyin' James Comey," said that key points of Comey's testimony were "all lies" and called him "Leakin' Comey."

Comey said in response: "My reaction to it is actually disturbing to me, which is kind of: 'Eh, there he goes again.' I thought I was 'Lyin' James Comey.' Now I'm 'Leakin' James Comey.'"

"But I kind of shrug and sometimes smile and laugh about it and then I have a secondary reaction, which is to be horrified at my own numb reaction," he added.

"We have to remind ourselves the President of the United States of America is publicly announcing that people are committing crimes, that they should be in jail."


Ema Edosio's 'Kasala' makes cinema debut on Friday

Ema Edosio's 'Kasala' makes cinema debut on Friday

Kasala which narrates the everyday struggles of Nigerian youths living in the ghetto, has made its entry in the cinema on Friday, December 7, 2018.

Months after traveling around the world, Ema Edosio's first feature movie, 'Kasala' has made its debut at the cinema.

The movie, which narrates the everyday struggles of Nigerian youths living in the ghetto, started showing to the cinema audience on Friday, December 7, 2018.

Kasala has enjoyed good reviews from industry events and film festivals that include the Nollywood Week in Paris.

Earlier this weekend, the movie received five different awards at Zuma film Festival in Abuja.


The movie follows the story of four boys, Tunji, Chikodi, Effiong and Abraham living in a Lagos slum and had decided to go on a joy ride with a car belonging to Tunji's no-nonsense uncle.

Things turn sour when they crash the car and only have 5 hours to raise the required funds to fix the vehicle before Tunji’s Uncle gets back from work.

They resort to avenues known to each one of them in order to get quick money.

The movie features Jide Kosoko, Sambasa Nzeribe, Judith Audu Fought and Chimezie Imo among others.

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6 questions with artist manager on how to succeed as an upcoming talent

We caught up with rising talent manager, Ademola Adebusoye, who provided hints on the keys to success as an upcoming artist in the Nigerian music industry.

In a crowded industry, talent is not enough to successfully break down boundaries that leads to mainstream acceptance in the Nigerian music scene.

Ademola Adebusoye is the head of Rainbow Project Ng, a platform he started in Ekiti State and has been running for four years now.

He developed his skill under the tutelage of renowned talent manager, Godwin Tom, who at some point managed Wizkid and now works with Wande Coal.


Ademola currently manages producer, DJ Klem and has worked with singer Soti at a point. We caught up with the rising manager to share some tips ahead of his program coming up next year dedicated to helping young artists and managers find their path.

What's the function of an artist manager?

''The job of an artist manager is business development. The artist is like a company while the artist manager is the C.O.O of the company. He looks for ways the artist can make money. An artist manager is not someone who waits for the phone to ring but the person who makes the phone ring.

Relationships are very important in the music industry, even more than money. For an upcoming artist, look for a manager that knows the industry.''

How to avoid the frequent artist vs manager fallouts

''I feel like it is when you don't have a contract with these artists that things like that happen. Artists should always get lawyers to go through their contracts before signing.''

Which would you advice a young producer working with a big name artist, split sheet or one-time cash payment?

''There are two ways, its either you get your split sheet… you should even get your split sheet whether you are been paid or not,'' he adds. ''But if the artist does not want a split sheet, then the money should be big.

But if I am to advise, I would advise a split sheet, because you don't know which song is going to blow and if an artist is offering you a million naira for a song that will probably go on to earn 50M, then you shot yourself in the leg.

From the 50M, you are supposed to make a percentage of 50%.''

What really is a split sheet?

''A split sheet is a document that basically tells who owns the song, what percentage of the song a particular person owns and how the money will be distributed from royalties. Royalties can be across the board or specified to be digital sales only.

There are even mechanical rights involved but a lot of managers don't know this.''

How to push your music using digital media?

''I won't advise an upcoming artist to go pay blogs to get your song distributed.

When I started artist management, I paid a particular blog to put up a song, after a week I checked and there were only 54 downloads, so what did I pay for? I had to now start sending broadcast messages to friends and people to download and after another week, it got to a thousand downloads.

Why not put that money into pushing it yourself digitally? There are some free digital platforms that allow you to put up your songs, why not push it to Spotify where you will get something in return.

If I am paying a blog, then they should give me something extra like an email blast based on the data of their users to help spread the music across.''

How can the upcoming artist succeed in the Nigerian music scene?

''One thing upcoming artists should do is focus on getting data, this will help remarket their music. Digital is the way to go right now.

Then consistency on social media, don't post something today and leave it for a long while before updating. People forget things easily these days, keep posting your craft, keep posting freestyles or covers.

The key to success is simply consistency, keep doing what you do and one day somehow nature will pick you. No one can really make you blow, it is your consistency,''  he concluded.

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New Music: Emex EOT – "Good Vibes"

New Music: Emex EOT - "Good Vibes"

Emex EOT is set to drop another single titled "GOOD VIBES" for his fans this season to celebrate.

After the massive buzz of his singles "PRIYANKA" and "KONTROL" which received positive responses and massive airplay across the country and beyond, Emex EOT who is signed under the International Record Label "GMG Records" is set to drop another single titled "GOOD VIBES" for his fans this season to celebrate and also to express his appreciation to friends, family members and fans.

Pls Download, Listen and Share;

Emex EOT – Good Vibes (Prod. Grace Fingers)




Social Media Platforms

Instagram:  @EmexMusic    |     Twitter:  @EmexEOT


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Sports: A transgender man won his historic boxing debut, then called out the 'naysayers' who were booing him

Patricio Manuel, transgender boxer wins historic fight

The American boxer Patricio Manuel became the first transgender man to fight professionally in the United States, beating Hugo Aguilar on Saturday.

  • Patricio Manuel became the first transgender male to compete as a professional boxer in the United States on Saturday.
  • Manuel fought Hugo Aguilar over four rounds in Indio, California but his landmark victory was marred as fans loudly booed him from ringside.
  • The 33-year-old addressed his "naysayers" in a post-fight speech in the middle of the ring and promised them he will win them over in his next fight.

Patricio Manuel made boxing history on Saturday night when he became the first transgender man to fight professionally in the United States.

Manuel, a featherweight fighter, beat Hugo Aguilar by decision after four rounds in a Golden Boy Boxing promoted event at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California, but his victory was bittersweet.

After his win, he got on the microphone and called out fans who were loudly booing him from ringside. "I hear some fans aren't happy," he said in the ring, according to Golden Boy. "It's okay, I'll be back… I'll make you happy then.

"I've got some naysayers out there that I need to prove that I deserve to be here. I'm not in here just for one show in one fight. This is something I love. I'm not done with this sport and I will be back."

Of Aguilar, who has yet to win in six bouts, Manuel said: "My opponent… hats off to him. He came here to fight, he fought me like a man, and I have so much respect for him."

Listen to the crowd, as well as Manuel's response, in the clip below:

Manuel formerly competed as a woman in the 2012 Olympic Trials but a shoulder injury forced him to withdraw, according to the Palm Springs Desert Sun.

He later began hormone treatment to medically transition into a man in 2014, and had surgery in 2015.

He wanted to continue his career in boxing, albeit in the men's category rather than the women's.

"Everyone who has been along for this journey over the past six years, really. Thank you so much, I couldn't be here without you," Manuel said in the ring. "I really needed that support to help push me to this point.

"There's a lot of people behind my corner, my coaches, my beautiful partner, my family and friends and fans. There are so many people who wanted me to be here and I'm so glad I was able to perform for them."


Review: Seun Kuti isn't done protesting on "Black Times" LP

Seun Kuti Black Times

“Black Times” is both a delight and a reminder that Africa can be better.

LP – "Black Times"
Artist – Seun Kuti
Record Label – Strut (2018)
Duration – 41 minutes

Seun Kuti is a firebrand campaigner. His soul is empathetic, his music deeply protestant, and his drive, tenacious.

He learned from the best. The 35-year-old singer, bandleader and saxophonist, is one of the sons of legendary Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. When Fela passed away in 1997, Seun – only 14 years old at the time – became the lead singer of his father's band, Egypt 80. Now Seun leads that band, and – along with his older brother Femi – he's continued the music and protest culture, where his father left off via death.

Black Times is further proof that Fela’s message runs deep, and as things continue to change in Nigeria and Africa, everything stays the same. There’s still a need for heroes and an external conscience. The struggle of Africans in Africa has only exacerbated, with poverty, bad governance, capitalism and corruption still contributing to stifle growth.


Via syncopated percussion, blaring multi-layered horns, and the pounding congas, opener ‘Last Revolutionary’ brings to mind the few authentic leaders who have been bright spots in the continent’s history. Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Abder Nasser, Marcus Garvey, Shaka Zulu and Fela Kuti are all inspirational heroes in the struggle.

Carlos Santana and his legendary guitars grittily lend considerable dynamism on the title track, which is extended to nine minutes, of great grooves, and expert solo takes. ‘Theory of Goats and Yams’ is inspired by the ex-Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan who attempted to justify corruption by the likening it to animals unable to help themselves in the presence of food. ‘Struggle sounds’ defines his drive for the people, a sonic manifesto of his abilities and the soul of why he makes protest music. “Corporate Public Control Department (CPCD)” addresses selfish politicians with no iota of service in their roles.

“Promise to give me peace and you give me war,” Seun fires. “You promise me justice and then you jail the poor/You promise jobs and you close the factory/But there’s always work in the penitentiary.”


For the music, Seun Kuti is changing things and improving on arrangements. His guests are used with potent effect, and there is experimentation woven into the making of many records, with the call-and-response applied in more ways than before. It’s a chip off the old block in the thematic communication, but the music is expanding the skill is updated. “Black Times” is both a delight and a reminder that Africa can be better.

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Tech: Amazon is planning to open one of its first international cashierless Amazon Go stores in London's Oxford Circus

Amazon Go

Sources say the company is looking for a site between 3,000 and 5,000 square feet in size.

  • Amazon is looking to open a cashierless Amazon Go store in London, The Sunday Telegraph reports.
  • Sources say the company is looking for a site between 3,000 and 5,000 square feet in size in Oxford Circus.
  • Amazon told the Telegraph it does not comment on rumour or speculation.

Amazon is planning to open one of its cashierless Amazon Go stores in London's Oxford Circus, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

Citing sources, the newspaper said Amazon is looking for a space between 3,000 and 5,000 square feet in size. Oxford Circus is the busiest shopping area in London.

Amazon first introduced its Amazon Go stores, where customers can take items off the shelves and be automatically charged, in the US early this year.

Read more: Amazon is ramping up tests of cashierless stores, a move that could see the futuristic tech launched in Whole Foods

The company is yet to expand the brick-and-mortar stores internationally.

Sources told the Sunday Telegraph that Oxford Circus site would be the company's flagship UK store. Sources also said the project to establish an Amazon Go store in the UK was being led by the US side of Amazon's operations.

Business Insider contacted Amazon for comment. An Amazon spokesman told the Telegraph that the company does not comment on rumour or speculation.

Do you work at Amazon? Got a tip? Contact this reporter via email at ihamilton@businessinsider.com. You can also contact Business Insider securely via SecureDrop.


Police attack, arrest Sowore's AAC supporters while protesting arrest of members

Police attack Sowore's AAC supporters protesting in Lagos

The Police reportedly fired tear gas canisters into the the crowd a few minutes into the protest.

Officers of the Lagos State Police Command attacked members of the African Action Congress (AAC) while they were protesting the arrest of other members detained earlier on Monday, December 10, 2018.

The command had earlier arrested six members while they were pasting campaign posters of Omoyele Sowore, AAC's presidential candidate. They were arrested for allegedly damaging campaign posters belonging to candidates of other political parties, an allegation they denied.

According to a report by Sahara Reporters, a media organisation owned by Sowore, protest against the arrest was met with force at the Area F Police Station in Lagos on Monday.

The Police reportedly fired tear gas canisters into the the crowd a few minutes into the protest and also shot one protester, identified as Okoh-Oboh Omotese Annabelle, in the leg without administering any medical treatment. Ten of the demonstrators were also arrested by police officers and thrown behind bars.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos Command, CSP Chike Oti, had earlier disclosed that the six that were originally arrested were guilty of violating the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency laws.

He said, "The anti-crime patrol team of the Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja Division, around 2:30am on December 9, 2018, arrested six young men, namely: Olagokun Odunayo, Kool-Kloud Henry, Ugaju Joseph, Damilola Omidiji, Michael Kate and Banwo Olagokun, tearing posters of other political parties and replacing them with that of the African Action Congress. Their action is contrary to the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency laws that forbid advertisers from pasting posters at no other hour than the day time."

The leader of the team, identified as Olagokun Banwo, denied the claims by the Police as they wait to be charged to court.

UPDATE:  The 10 protesters were later released by the authorities while the original six were arraigned at the Samuel Ilori Magistrate Court in Ogba Agege.

Oti had earlier disclosed that they would be charged with malicious damage and conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace.

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Politics: Incoming top Democrats predict impeachment and jail time for Trump with increasing confidence

US President Donald Trump gestures as he talks to reporters while departing for travel to the G-20 summit in Argentina from the White House.

Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, who will chair two powerful House committees from 2019, responded to the accusations against Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

  • President Donald Trump could be jailed or impeached based on new legal evidence, top Democrats have said.
  • They were responding to claims that Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen facilitated two illegal hush payments to two women during the 2016 election.
  • Federal prosecutors on Friday accused Cohen of facilitating the payments "in coordination and at the direction of Individual-1," who is believed to be Trump.
  • Rep. Adam Schiff, the incoming House Intelligence Committee chairman, said Trump could "face the real prospect of jail time" as soon as he leaves office.
  • Rep. Jerry Nadler, the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, described them as "impeachable offenses."

The incoming chairs of two powerful House committees have predicted a "real prospect of jail time" for President Donald Trump, and said that new accusations about Michael Cohen's illegal hush payments are "impeachable offenses."

Rep. Adam Schiff, the incoming chair of the House Intelligence Committee, told the CBS show "Face the Nation" on Sunday: "There's a very real prospect that on the day Donald Trump leaves office the Justice Department may indict him, that he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time.

"We have been discussing the issue of pardons that the president may offer to people or dangle in front of people. The bigger pardon question may come down the road as the next president has to determine whether to pardon Donald Trump."

Schiff was responding to the latest sentencing document from federal prosecutors on Friday, which said that longtime Trump lawyer and confidant Michael Cohen "acted in coordination with and at the direction of Individual-1."

Individual-1 is widely believed to be Trump. The coordination relates to payments to two women who said they had affairs with Trump.

"With respect to both payments, Cohen acted with the intent to influence the 2016 presidential election," the memo said.

"In particular, and as Cohen himself has now admitted, with respect to both payments, he acted in coordination with and at the direction of Individual-1," it added. "As a result of Cohen's actions, neither woman spoke to the press prior to the election."

Read more: Federal prosecutors say Cohen committed crimes 'in coordination with and at the direction of' Trump

Rep. Jerry Nadler, the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, also told CNN that, if it is proved that Trump directed the payments, that would amount to "impeachable offenses."

He told CNN's Jake Tapper: "They would be impeachable offenses, whether they are important enough to justify an impeachment is a different question.

"But certainly they'd be impeachable offenses because even though they were committed before the president became president, they were committed in the service of fraudulently obtaining the office, that would be an impeachable offense."

Nadler added, however, that Congress may not immediately impeach Trump because that would be "an attempt to, in effect, overturn the result of the last election and [Congress] should do it only for very serious situations."

He said: "You don't necessarily launch an impeachment against the President because he committed an impeachable offense. There are several things you have to look at."

"One, were impeachable offenses committed, how many, et cetera. Secondly, how important were they? Do they rise to the gravity where you should undertake an impeachment?" he added.

"An impeachment is an attempt to effect or overturn the result of the last election and should do it only for very serious situations. That's the question."

The new Congress will convene on January 3, 2019.