Victor Olaotan seeks financial assistance after ghastly car accident

Victor Olaotan

A Gofundme account has been opened to raise $50,000 for Victor Olaotan's deteriorating health.

Victor Olaotan is seeking financial assistance after a ghastly car accident a few years left him unable to use his lages properly.

The veteran actor it is reported needs the sum of $50,000 for treatment outside the country. A Gofundme account has been opened on his behalf to raise funds so he can travel out of the country to search medical help.

Victor Olaotan was involved in a ghastly car accident back in 2016. At some point, it was reported that his legs were so bad it needed to be amputated.


Victor Olaotan reportedly facing leg amputation following accident in 2016


Back in 2017, reports had it that veteran actor Victor Olaotan was going to have both legs amputated. This comes as a result of the car crash he was involved in back in October 2016.

Victor Best known for his role as Fred Ade-Williams in the long-running television drama Tinsel, Mr. Olaotan’s legs may reportedly be cut off in order to save his life.

Sources close to the family say his health status is being closely guarded.

Although Victor is in a stable condition, his legs may have to be cut off to allow him any chance of recovery.

Victor Olaotan reportedly in a coma


Nollywood actor, Victor Olaotan was reportedly in a coma following a car crash in 2016. The "Tinsel" star was said to have been involved in an auto crash on October 31, 2016, in Lagos.

Olaotan got into acting in 1959. The veteran actor kick-started his career on stage when he was chosen to represent his school in the play “Gods Are Not To Blame”.

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