Trace TV Managing Director, Sam Onyemelukwe, is our MCM today!

Sam Onyemelukwe

Sam Onyemelukwe is the Trace boss who channelled his love for creativity towards the more technical aspects involved in expressing it.

Here's why Trace TV Managing Director, Sam Onyemelukwe, is our MCM today!

Sam Onyemelukwe is the Managing Director of Venator Partners Limited and Trace Anglophone West Africa — Trace being one of the leading music stations in Africa. Venator Partners is Trace’s biggest partner in Africa but he manages to keep the two independent.


Onyemelukwe holds an MBA and Masters in ICT/Information Systems from Boston University and a B.A. in Fine Arts from University of Southern California.

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When he was young, he nurtured dreams of being an artist to the point where he chased a degree in Arts at the University of Southern California — a popular film school attended by the likes of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. It quickly dawned on him that artistic skills couldn't compare with most of his classmates after seeing their drawings and paintings. Though his path changed, his unwavering flair for the arts remained.

Before completing his degree in Fine Arts, he fell in love with graphic design and began his career at Walt Disney in Burbank, California right after school. That was where he got his big break. He jumped at the opportunity to go into TV and worked in various media and entertainment agencies in Nigeria and across the continent.


He has worked as Business Development Manager, Nigeria for MTV Networks where he created campaigns for the likes of LG, Coca Cola, and Cadbury’s Buttermint brand among many others.

He began working with Trace in 2011 through a representation agreement and continues to run his company Venator Partners which holds a Master License with Trace TV.

He intensified his efforts to revolutionise creativity for Nigerian youths when he announced a partnership with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in September to launch the Purple Hibiscus Writing Workshop and Trace Academy.

His passion efforts in projecting Nigerian music to the world is why he is our MCM today!

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