Relationship Talk With Bukky: We want different things; how can we make our love work?

Whenever he calls, I just can't say no to him

It tears me apart.

Dear Bukky,

I sent a photo of a cute baby to my girlfriend and told her that one day we will have a kid. How she responded it tore me apart. She said "not with me".

Really what could be happening? Could she be fooling me all this days about marrying me? Please help.

Dear reader,

How soon has this relationship been on for? If it’s been only few months, the idea may have been thrown at her too early, thereby causing her to react the way she did.

Also on the other hand, her reaction could simply be a way of saying she does not want kids ever. It may even have nothing to do with you. There are actually people who do not want kids and that is just fine.

If that is the case, it is not a case of fooling you about marrying you, it is a case of wanting two different things in the potential marriage.

Having said all of these, I think the most important thing in all of this is the lack of communication on your part. If she said something like that, did you ask her why she said so?

Have you tried to initiate a conversation with her on the matter? I think it is important to always do this before involving any third party in your relationship issues. This article here is more explanatory on the issue.

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