Relationship Talk With Bukky: He no longer shows interest in me; please help!

What would you say to that ex if you could write him a letter

I know something is wrong but he has refused to talk about it.

Dear Bukky,

I met this guy on the Internet and we've been talking for a month now. He seemed very serious and willing to do anything to make me happy so he decided to meet in person and for two days now he has been acting cold.

He used to call me more than twice daily and chat me all day and we spend much time chatting at night. But since two days now, he hasn't called up to two times and he hardly replies my messages.

I asked him but he said he was tired and needed to rest. I know something is wrong but he has refused to talk about it. What should I do? I really love and don't want to lose him. Please help me. We don't live in the same state.

Dear reader,

Don’t push it. That’s the logical, sane thing to do. If you have communicated with him as you said, the next thing to do is to step back and let him show what his intentions are. And he does not even need to talk or say anything. Just watch his reactions. Watch how he responds in this time and the things he does.

Since you have shown a willingness to stay in touch and move forward with what you have going, then the ball is in his court to reciprocate. If he refuses to take the cue, then you know you must have to move forward and leave him and his indecisive self.

If he has suddenly stopped doing the things he used to do to get your attention, all you can do is call his attention to it to see how you may have caused that in any way. And since you have done that already, I really think you should not bother doing anything again.

If he continues with the laid back attitude, it shows he’s not interested. Consider this a bullet dodged. Better that he’s showing it now than later in the relationship.

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