Good times in LASU as institution creates a career platform for students

<p class="">Lagos State University (LASU) has established a career platform for the students of the institution to build their employability skill.</p>

<p class="">The students are encouraged to register on the platform called LASU Career Development Centre to activate their LASU e-mails and use same to enrol on the LCDC Platform.</p>

<p class="">The platform is designed to create an avenue for the university undergraduates to groom them on Career Coaching and Mentorship; Employability Skills Acquisition, Professional Networking and Certification, Part-time/Volunteer jobs, Internships and Shadow Interviewing.</p>

<figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="" alt="Lagos State University"> <figcaption>Lagos State University</figcaption> </figure>

<p class="">How to register on LCDC platform</p>

<p class="">1.   Login to your Course Registration portal to view your LASU official student email address and a default password </p>

<p class="">2.    Activate your official email using the default.</p>

<p class="">3.   Login to to view the LASU Career Development Center home page. Click on "Get Started" or "Login to LCDC" to open the online Enrollment form.</p>

<p class="">4.   Use your LASU email address to enrol on LCDC Platform.</p>

<p class="">The University’s Information Communication Technology Centre has opened individual official e-mail addresses for students to facilitate the students’ registration.</p>
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