Duncan Mighty worries more about helping the needy than his fashion sense

Duncan Mighty worries more about helping the needy  than his fashion sense

Duncan Mighty prefers to keep it real with job creation as opposed to living the flashy life of a celebrity. He appears to desire the simple things.

Duncan Mighty has expressed that he worries more about assisting those in need of help than his fashion sense that has often received bashing from his critics.

On Saturday, December 1, 2018, the singer shares a post on his Instagram where he tells those hating on him about his preference to keep it real with job creation.

At his construction company, he is responsible for 38 staff who get their daily income from him.

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He considers this a vital way to affect the society as opposed to living the flashy lifestyle of a celebrity.

"I will never live the fake life you want. I am proud to wear my oil resistance and anti-hazard and post on Instagram.

"But my last word to u all abusing me each time I post pictures from work and those sending me DM on how to dress, pls those your celebrities that you always refer me to that wear the best fashion, pls can u tag me or post where they have created jobs and tried to eradicate unemployment in their local communities," the singer writes in his post.

Keeping it real

Duncan Mighty is all about giving back to his community but he also knows how to be cool.

On IG, he has shared moments of himself basking in pleasure. From jet trips of his choosing, fancy women the singer sures lives a chilled life.

He has enjoyed a resurgence in his music career in the year 2018, collaborating with other artists.

The singer makes a fine combination with pop stars Wizkid and Tiwa Savage on the tracks 'Fake love' and 'Lova lova'.


In November, he releases his first single of the year, 'MieKeRaSo' produced by Spellz. The track offers a Latino feel and reflects Duncan Mighty widening his music artistry.

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