Album Review: Tribe Music delivers an intimate worship session on ''Lavish''

Tribe Music's ''Lavish'' bustles with songs of true worship, love, victory and finding purpose in God.

With ''Lavish'', Tribe Music bestows upon God the most opulent adorations while passing a message of love and inspiration.

Tribe Music is a music expression of The Tribe Lagos, a community of God-lovers who have come together to share the message of God’s love for humanity through music.

The Collective is made up of a number of talented singers including Olla, Diazno, Judah Danjuma, Jemimah, Segun Samson, Moses, Nomnso, Onyeri Helen, Ibk, Edez and Uchechi.


Together, these artists have poured their hearts into LAVISH project – their first music project as a collective.

''Lavish'' is filled with angelic voices and soul-wrenching songs where God is the ultimate centrepiece that holds the theme.

The album title track 'Lavish' talks about the ultimate sacrifice of giving his son for humanity sake with Diazno's amazing voice becoming a guiding melody throughout the track. The violins, subtle kicks and background vocals on this all provide an exhilarating listen.

On songs like 'Here and Now' ft Judah Danjuma, where they narrate the presence of God's kingdom on earth and 'Infallible' with Jemimah sharing a tale of his incredible love, the early songs provide for an exciting and soothing listen.

In 'New Me,' Helen crafts an engrossing message with the way she pours her emotions out on every line. The liquidity of her vocals is overwhelming and this song is perfectly created for her texture.


Judah Danjuma is one of the gems on the project and his authority on 'Nail To The Three' is quite thrilling.

‘Love Like You’ produced by Amos Kantiok, and mixed and mastered by Mavin Records artiste/producer Johnny Drille and 'The Answer' delivered by Segun Samson deliver major highlight moments on the album.

All in all, the album offers God in his purest form, inspiring songs, messages of hope and hunger for his mercy. The songs flow so smoothly into each other and each artist vocals comes out well synchronized and fluid.

In 15 tracks, there are enough songs to captivate your attention till the end. The sonic feel, well composed lyrics and infectious vocals makes this a good album for any human being who needs his love and understanding.

However, there are minor failings in its monotonous streams, too many songs sound alike, which attimes fails to give each singer his/her distinct presence and on occassion tails to make the project one dimensional and lacking surprise moments.

Listen to ''Lavish'' below


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