Albino Model Mirian Njoh is regal on the cover of Beyond Fashion

Albino Model Mirian Njoh

Mirian Njoh challanges our standard ideas of beauty with this inspiring and elegant cover, editorial and interview.

Mirian Njoh, an albino model and blogger looks positively regal as she perches in an ivory dress with a gold crown for the cover of Beyond Fashion magazine.

Albino model, Mirian Njoh, was born to a Nigerian father and Liberian mother often speaks up about albinism and the stereotypes surrounding it. She uses her platform to inform and educate people about the condition and normalise the albino identity in wider society.

Speaking about how albinism has affected her career, she says, "I stand out and look different which a lot of people like and some clients might be drawn to but sometimes standing out and looking different can hinder me because a client wants someone that looks more generic. Also, sometimes I feel exoticized and/or made to feel like a token because of my albinism which is something I’m still processing my feelings about.''

Mirian is sparking a very important dialogue about diversity in the industry and representation for minority groups.



Read excerpts from the interview below:

On modelling and how it all started
I’ve been modelling on and off for years. I’d have a friend that was a fashion designer and they’d ask me to model their pieces or meet a photographer and decide to collaborate on a shoot. I also picked up photography and began modelling for myself a lot. I studied fashion in post-secondary school and have been in the industry for a few years so that helps too because I cross paths with a lot of the same people whether I worked with them as a stylist, photographer, blogger, or in any other capacity.

On the most important project she's worked on:
I recently did a beauty shoot with photographer Chris Nicholls and that was especially cool because not only is he a highly respected artist with great work but I’d met him in passing a few years ago when I was working as a stylist assistant and wanted to work with him even then. An old classmate saw the photographs from the shoot and reminded me of how we learned about him in school. It was a full circle moment finally being able to work with him. I also serendipitously landed in Uniqlo’s debut Canadian campaign which was one of my biggest jobs at the time so that was pretty amazing too.

On her thoughts about diversity in fashion:

 think the fashion industry has made great strides in championing diversity but I still think it has a long way to go. I’ve seen models covered in freckles or with different skin conditions doing really well. I’ve seen Black models embracing and having a space to wear their natural hair. There are many successful trans models. On one hand, I commend the industry. On the other hand, I’m disappointed that there are still always news stories coming out about little to no diversity on runways or certain types of models still struggling for acceptance and just to have an opportunity to do what they love



Photography: Margarita Menard 
Makeup and Hair: Veronika Polianska 
Styled by Bianca Brown
Location: The Atrium at Queen Richmond Centre West

Source: lifestyle

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