Relationship Talk With Bukky: What to do when your girl gives green light to another guy

My mum has a problem with the girl I want to marry

I was not worried about that but my worries starting growing lately.

Dear Bukky,

I have a girlfriend we both are very much okay and honestly we trust each other.

But recently I had financial setback after I was duped of the little money I was using for business so I moved in to her apartment although I paid for the apartment when I had money but right now my rent has expired unfortunately it expired when I was supposed to get return from my investment not knowing that I have been duped. I’m still the one feeding us even if I’m in her apartment.

But for the past one month now That I have been staying with her she seems to be happy which personally I’m not very much happy that i am reduced to that point hence making serious arrangements to move out as soon as possible.

Before now there is this particular guy she always tells me about although the guy is kind of okay financially and a young guy too. At some point she told me for her to have resisted that guy’s pressure, that means she can resist anyone.

I was not worried about that but my worries starting growing lately when she told me that the guy asked her to come escort him to Aba. She returned with cloths worth 50k and above as an appreciation from him.

They’ve been talking almost all the time on phone or chats, my girlfriend even told me she’s planning to take her next rent from the guy and I am seriously wondering why and how.

Yesterday she told me someone invited her for a date but she doesn’t want to go. When I asked her why she did not want to go, she said nothing. I said to her that I’m honestly not against or bridging her from anything. All I need from her is to know the right thing and doing it at the right time.

It turns out that it’s the same guy she’s going to the mall with and I said okay.

I had not been thinking much of it before but right now, I’m beginning to get worried. Do you think my worry is worth it or am I just stressing myself?

Dear reader,

If it is bothering you, you need to speak up about it. Why give her your blessing to do something, act as if all is OK when it really is not? I think that is not the right thing to do. You are misinforming her and not being real with her. This is not the way relationships should be.

If you have qualms with what she is doing, let her know. Talk to her about it. I mean, you mentioned that you both trust each other, why ruin that now by refusing to trust her with your fears?

I think the only sensible thing to do here is to talk to her, let her know and understand what bothers you and what you are not comfortable with.

Easy peasy.

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