Relationship Talk With Bukky: What to do when your girl doesn't say "I love you"

Do I really need to get a job before seeking a relationship?

Am I expecting a lot, forcing her, or moving too fast with her?

Dear Bukky,

I have a girl I have been in a relationship with for a while. The relationship is still at its early stage. She started as a good and close friend.

Whenever I talk about visiting her at their place, she refuses. Even when I tell her to come to my place, she does the same.

She has never openly spoken it out that she loves me but her actions do show it. Am I expecting a lot, forcing her, or moving too fast with her?

Should I leave for someone else? Please help.

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Dear reader,

You said it yourself that the relationship started just recently so I think it is OK if she is not jumping all over the place, announcing the relationship just yet.

Let her take her time and blend into this life with you at her own pace. It takes longer for some people than it does for some others. If you keep being a good boyfriend, it won’t be long before she starts opening up about being with you.

So I think a little more patience is all you need here. Forcing those visits may spook her. She may think you are trying to get her in a private space because you just want to have sex with her.

She may think that is all you are concerned about. You have to be patient with her and let her do things on her own terms till she becomes very comfortable with you.

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