Relationship Talk With Bukky: My girlfriend cheats, then cries whenever I try to leave her

Am I cheating on my girlfriend when I masturbate?

She sleeps with her colleague every time I am out of town. I have already asked for a breakup but she keeps crying and begging me not to.

Dear Bukky,

I have been dating this girl for exactly 10 months.  She are practically from same local government and both families are aware about our little love romance. 

But I stay in the Eastern part of the country while she stays in the western part. But we often visit each other a lot.  Few months back, I suspected my girlfriend was cheating on me with a colleague of hers. I confronted her but she denied, now over the months, she boldly accepted she was flirting with the guy. When I asked why, she says she just finds herself in that position.

I forgave her, but now she has made it very normal to sleep with the dude whenever I am out of town. I already asked for a breakup but she kept crying and begging. She keeps saying she loves me a lot. And I very much still love her too. 

Please I need advice on what to do!

Dear reader,

I always say that someone who loves you can and will cheat on you. Everyone needs to know this.

While that is the truth, it is also the truth that when someone cheats on you, they betray your trust, break your heart and hurt you in a way that could be damaging.

Love is actually not enough. So do not let that keep you in the relationship. If she keeps disrespecting you blatantly by sleeping with the other guy, if she keeps being unfaithful to you, you cannot hold on to her because she claims to love you.

She needs to learn to match her love with actions that show it. And she should start this by sticking to you and you only.

In my opinion, you should let a chronic, unrepentant cheating partner go. Those claims of love should not hold you back in a relationship that is less than ideal.

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