Peter Okoye vows to protect wife from those who hate on her

Peter Okoye vows to protect wife from those who hate on her

It will always be fresh Peter Okoye's love for his wife Omotayo. He acknowledges that 16 years of being together has been nothing but joy.

Peter Okoye has nice words to describe his wife Lola Omotayo-Okoye as they mark five years of being married.

In his remarks shared via his Instagram today, he commends his partner for her role caring for his late mum until her passing. He has promised to protect her and their children for those who attack them.

He acknowledges that this is top priority.

"I took a vow to defend and protect you and our beautiful children on this day 5 years ago and no matter what happens, you and the kids come first," the singer writes in the first part of his wedding anniversary post.

Accompanying it is a clip showing picture collages of the lovers and the important people in their lives.

In the second part of his post, Peter Okoye owes gratitude to his wife who gave him his first wheel upon moving to Lagos.

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As opposed to what rumour peddlers are saying, the singer identifies himself as the parasite when they were dating.

He was referring to many privileges that he has enjoyed in their relationship including booking shows for Psquare.

"We’ve been together for over 16years and married for 5yrs. You are still the same woman and I will never forget the day I met you.

"How you used to book shows for us and all due to the fact that you worked in an agency (FKG2). I remember how our former manager Howie-T used to tell us how nice you were to us getting us shows and all.

"Today the world doesn’t know all that. Instead they call you Gold digger. If anyone should be called Gold digger here, it should be me.

"I remembered you gave me your official car few weeks after we moved into lagos and started dating.

"That was the first time in my life experiencing a car with air conditioning and every night I would sleep inside the car.  You made me a better man Lola and i owe you nothing but love and loyalty."


Peter Okoye who describes his affection for his wife as zombie-like has dropped the visuals of his 'Zombie' track that fits perfectly his feeling about her.

He takes a drive through a vast dessert as he meditates on his passion for his lover. With Simi the energy is channelled along the theme of an undying love.

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