LM presidential candidate, Kriz David unveils 'Smart Government'

The presidential aspirant has presented what he called 'Smart Government' to replace unrealistic manifesto.

Presidential candidate of the Liberation Movement Party, Dr Kriz David has revealed his plans for Nigerians.

The presidential aspirant has presented what he called 'Smart Government' to replace unrealistic manifesto.

In the book, the futurist and tax expert did not only identify Nigeria problems but profer visible solution to the problems.

According to the presidential candidate of Liberation Movement Party, a government that engage systems thinking to craft innovative policies and technology to address the needs and challenges facing a nation can be called a smart government.

He also said, ” I have chosen the path of honour to take deliberate action by shaping the Nigerian dream and getting Nigerians to ride progressively in the path of prosperity and Smart Government is the preferred future for Nigeria.”

He further said “You may have wondered why Nigeria have remained trapped in a cycle of failure and why prosperity has become elusive. I have also wondered, like you, why my dear country, Nigeria, has remained underdeveloped and often associated with sordid tales no one can be proud of. Tales that have left sour taste in the mouth, we are all trapped in an endless cycle of failure and backwardness.”

While presenting the book to the general public on Saturday, 27th of October, 2018 at Sheraton Hotel, he said Smart Government is the preferred future that has eluded Nigeria for the past fifty-eight years.

And he has identify the five unimpeachable steps that Nigeria should take to become a great and prosperous nation saying “the five steps that will make Nigeria a great nation includes, article of Faith, rule of law, economic freedom, fair tax system and learning economy”.

Dr. Kriz David is a futurist, tax expert, a financial expert, forensic experts and a development economist. He holds a doctorate degree in strategic leadership with specialty in strategic foresight, from Regent University, USA. He obtained a master’s degree in financial services from University of East London, UK and a bachelor’s degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, UK.

A fellow of the Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, A fellow of the institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria, a certified forensic accountant, an Associate of certified Fraud Examiners and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists.

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