How to prepare yam and vegetable sauce (Ji Abubo)

How to prepare yam and vegetable sauce (Ji Abubo)

This very simple recipe is a fan favourite from eastern Nigeria.

This meal is will steal the heart of any Easterner. Check out how to prepare yam and vegetable sauce or Ji Abubo.

Cooking time

30 minutes

Recipe category

Main meal

Recipe cuisine

Local/South Eastern Nigeria

Cooking method


Recipe Yield

5 servings


1 average sized tuber of white yam

200g Nigerian pumpkin leaves

Palm oil

200g ukpaka (shredded oil bean seeds)

Ogiri Igbo (castor bean paste)

1 Habanero pepper or to taste

Salt (to taste)


1. Slice yams into desired shape, wash well without peeling the skin and pop into a clean pot. Pour some water to cover the yams and allow to boil on medium heat.

2. Wash ukpaka and vegetables and place on top of yams till soft. Set aside. When yam is done, turn off heat.

3. Pound the peppers together the ukpaka and vegetables till very smooth.

4. Add palm oil till consistency you desire is acquired. Add salt and castor bean paste to your taste. Mix well.

Your Ji Abubo is ready! Serve separately or incorporate together like yam porridge.

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