Here is what Davido wants God to do for him


Davido is praying to God to come through for him and you will be surprised what exactly he is asking for.

Davido is here again asking for something and this time not from friends and family but from God.

The music star took to his Instagram stories where he asked God to provide more money for him. "Oh Lord please man need more cash," he wrote.

Slow down guys, I know you all would be thinking "What does he need more money for?" Well, we all know that we can never have too much money so it's okay if  Davido wants more money.

This is the second time in the last twenty-four hours that Davido will be making a special request via his Instagram page. Recall that a day ago, the music star asked friends and family members to buy him a wristwatch which actually cost a whopping N30M.

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Check out N30M wristwatch Davido wants for his birthday


Guys Davido turns 26 in a few days and the music star wants just one thing for his birthday which is a N30M Patek Philipe wristwatch. The singer took to his Instagram stories on Sunday, November 12, 2019, where he posted a photo of the $85,000 wristwatch. He went to appeal to friends and family to come together and raise funds to get him the expensive bling.


"All I want for my birthday…pls friends and family gather money buy am for me thanks in advance," he captioned the photo of the wristwatch. Just so you know, Davido has a lot of really expensive wristwatches and this would be just another addition to his already large collections.  Recall a few weeks ago, the music star showed off one of his newly acquired wristwatches which coat a whooping N90M!

Davido's newly acquired wristwatch is worth N90.2M!


When you work so hard and make so much money, then it ok to spoil yourself with all the goodies and that's exactly what Davido has done by acquiring a wristwatch worth N90.2M. Believe it guys, Davido has a thing for luxury items and when he decides to buy an item, be sure that it is going to be pretty expensive.

Davido shared a photo of his pretty expensive diamond encrusted Franc Vila wristwatch on his Instagram page on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. In his usual manner, he captioned the photo of the watch with the quote "Nu nu."

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