Here are 8 things to know about Atiku's policy document

Atiku: 8 Things to know about policy document

As Alhaji Atiku Abubakar launches his policy document, here are 8 things he wants you to know.

Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, will be launching his policy document today, Monday, November 19, 2018. 

The 63-page policy document is titled 'Let's Get Nigeria Working Again'.

The policy document presentation kick-starts Atiku’s campaign for president ahead of the 2019 election; and the event will be broadcast live on Atiku’s Facebook page.

Here are 8 things the document will dwell on:

1. You can access this document online at no cost, when it is launched

According to the Atiku campaign organization; “The PDP presidential candidate will present his vision for Nigeria and his action plan to achieve it as encapsulated in his policy document. The document will promptly be uploaded on his website for all Nigerians to access at no cost.”

2. Atiku has promised to run an issue based campaign

The PDP flagbearer has promised to run a campaign based on the issues and the issues only.


In line with that promise, the policy document focuses on issues like reviving a moribund economy, economic empowerment for millions of Nigerians, bridging the nation's infrastructure deficit, "improving access to qualitative as well as industry-relevant education", transparency, building a savings culture, promoting multilateral trade and restructuring.

The Atiku campaign organisation says the candidate’s decision to kick-start his presidential campaign with the launch of his policy document is meant to reiterate his commitment to running an issue-based campaign.

3. Atiku has promised to grow Nigeria's GDP

The candidate has promised to build a "broad-based, dynamic and competitive economy with a GDP of US$900 billion by 2025".

4. Private sector will get access to credit, Atiku says

The policy document states that "enhanced private sector access to credit will be prioritized and regulatory institutions will be strengthened and their independence will be shielded from political interference".

5. Atiku has promised to deliver 20,000MW of electricity

"By 2025, Nigeria shall make giant strides in diversifying its sources of power and delivering up to 20,000MW", the policy document reads.


For context, Nigeria has only been able to generate 7,000MW of electricity while transmitting a little over 5,000MW, at the best of times.

6. Atiku promises to create 12 million jobs

The statement from the Atiku campaign organisation highlights that “our policy document focuses on creating jobs, ensuring security, growing business, developing power and water infrastructure, agriculture and education and how we will empower women.

“Our policies outline the goals and methods for developing and revitalising Nigeria as the foundation of our campaign. This policy document is being launched to encourage a dialogue with the people of Nigeria, inviting everyone to join us in helping to get Nigeria working again".

Essentially, Atiku has promised to create 12 million jobs as Nigeria's president.

7. Atiku wants you to own this policy document

Atiku is launching this document so you can take ownership of it, he says. He’s taking the campaign directly to Nigerians with this document, his campaign adds.


“That is why we want Nigerians to access the policy directly and ultimately take ownership of it. Our campaign offers a simple message: United, the people of Nigeria can begin anew, creating a prosperous and secure future and a better life for every Nigerian”, his campaign organisation says.

8. Atiku will be happy to meet with you on the campaign trail

“The PDP presidential candidate looks forward to conducting vital discussions as he travels across the length and breadth of Nigeria, meeting and talking with stakeholders – farmers, small business people, workers, students, mothers, and children,” the Atiku campaign organisation added.

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