"Fake copies of my book are now online, please beware!", Jonathan cries out

Goodluck Jonathan: "Fake copies of my book now online"

Former President Goodluck Jonathan raises alarm over fake copies of his book online and in WhatsApp groups.

If you are currently reading an online version of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s book, ‘My Transition Hours’, chances are that you are reading a fake version that has found its way through thousands of WhatsApp pages to yours.

Jonathan launched his book on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 in Abuja, with the paper back and hard cover versions now in bookstores near you.

But hackers have not only latched onto the soft copy, they have edited the book to suit their narratives, Jonathan says.

“We have just been informed that a fake document contrived by mischief makers is being passed on as the e-version and hard copy of the just launched ‘#MyTransitionHours”, Jonathan wrote on his Twitter page.


“We advise the general public to ignore such publication as the chapters and contents are not the same as the book publicly presented two days ago in Abuja.

“Also, note that the e-copy of #MyTransitionHours ’is not being marketed, as such, the fake online version could only have been created by those out to deceive the unsuspecting public”, Jonathan added.

A scan through online versions of the book, which comes in PDF format, shows that ‘My Transition Hours’ has been edited.

'Inaccurate information added'

According to a report in Punch, some inaccurate information has been added to the original text while some vital information contained in the real book has been expunged.

Punch adds that while the online, fake version is 254 pages long, the physical, authentic version contains 194 pages.

Some chapters are also glaringly missing from the online version.


Jonathan’s media aide, Ikechukwu Eze, has  urged members of the public to be wary of the misinformation contained in the online version of the book.

‘My Transition Hours’ has received plaudits and knocks from either side of Nigeria’s political divide, ahead of an election year in which incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari is keen on retaining his throne. The book details Jonathan's accounts of the final moments of his first term.

Jonathan lost the 2015 presidential election to Buhari—the first time an incumbent president would be losing the popular vote to the opposition in Nigeria’s history.

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