Banky W is letting his Range Rover go!

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Banky W is set to auction his famous Range Rover for charity.

Okay, guys, Banky W is letting his now famous Range Rover go as he plans to auction the car this weekend.

The music star turned politician made this known via his Instagram on Wednesday, November 21, 2018. In the video, the singer revealed that the car had served him for nine years and it was time to let it go for charity course.

"This Range Rover has been so good to my Madam and I, but this Saturday, Nov 24th we are auctioning it to raise money for The School for the Blind, and for @pinkoaktrust… If you're looking for a used Car, buy this piece of Nigerian Pop Culture history instead. It has been in more videos and movies than any other option out there lol. It was also the subject of a stalker video some months ago. Point being, it's famous, and these charities need our help. So come through on Saturday and bid on this and many more cars… Hit up @cars45ng @carsbazr with any questions #Carsbazrliveauctuon #Cars45BankyWCharityChallenge #BuyBankysRange #hope19," he captioned the video.


Banky W's Range Rover became popular earlier in the  year after he got stalked by two ladies who threw jabs at him over the age of his car. However, Banky W in his response to the stalkers revealed the reason he had not gotten another car and his plans for the SUV.

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Banky W responds to stalkers who threw jabs at him over his car


Banky W has unexpectedly responded to the ladies who threw jabs at him a few days over his car. It is no longer news that Banky W was dragged on social media a few days ago after two yet to be unidentified ladies threw jabs at him over the state of his car. He took to his blog where he gave a very lengthy response as to the reason he still drives the said old Range Rover.

"Dear Stalker, In response to the cringe-worthy, creepy video you made about my wife and I, I think there are some things you need to know. First of all, poverty will never be my portion in Jesus name. Also, it is a 2008 Range Rover Sport, not a 1999. Amen and Lol. Oh, and additionally, it’s currently for sale to the highest bidder. I had decided last month that I’d sell it, and whatever I got for it, I’d hand over to the “Vocational School for the Blind” in Oshodi and the “Pink Oak Cancer Trust Fund”.


"My Aunt volunteers at the school, and she reminded me that they were still trying to raise some money to care for their students, so I came up with a plan. I told her that I’d give my followers the background history of my old car, and get all my celebrity friends who’d sat in it at some point or another to autograph it, and then put it up for an online auction. I figured that since I didn’t need the money from the sale to buy a new one, we could just auction it off and hopefully raise a decent enough amount of money to give back to those in need.


"You see, I’ve never found it necessary to own more than one car. Mostly because I can only ever DRIVE one car at a time; and when I bought the car in 2011, I promised myself that I would never buy another car until I owned the home I live in. To me, owning a nice car might help me LOOK like I was doing okay, but owning a nice home would help me KNOW. The way my mind is set up…what good is owning a Rolls Royce, if I’m still paying rent on the house I park it in?" he wrote.

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