These 5 relationship expectations will leave you disappointed

What you need to stop tellling your woman if you value her

Because out here in the real world, even the most carefully laid plans often go awry.

How some people think about love, relationships and romance is still somehow influenced by movies, idealistic social media posts and some other unattainable, unsustainable relationship models.

The truth is, out here in the real world, relationships do not always go as planned and they're surely not as fairytale as fairytale movies portray.

It is advised, and truly, it is best to think well, plan well and to be very intentional about your relationships and who you date. But everyone still knows, that things do not always go as planned.

Out here in the real world, even the most carefully laid plans often go awry. So if you are going into a relationship or you are already in one, here are the unrealistic relationship expectations you need to cut off immediately, for your own good.

1. Loving on each other will be natural

This is too much of a demand to place on yourself, as it is too much of a need to place on someone else. Loving a whole different person is possible but it is not an instinctive thing, at least not at the beginning of the relationship. Being a great partner is an acquired skill. People grow into the role with time, consistence and dedication to the cause.

Loving and staying in love is intentional, not natural.


2. They’ll change for you

Chances are that they won’t! You need to pay more attention to how they treat you. If something fundamental about the guy or babe you’re dating doesn’t work for you, call it a lesson learned, do them a favor, and move on. That’s kind of the point of dating.

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3. He won’t notice other women now that he’s with you

Actually he will. And if you are a guy dating a woman, she will also notice other men. Being with you will not take away their ability to see other people, trip for them and be attracted to them. What’s important is that despite these attractions, they stay true to you. If they do this, all is fine. You really can’t ask for more than this.


4. They’ll understand you just like that

As much as we’d love to be understood all the time, our partners are different from us and that’s why we love them. Always communicate your desires and needs. Do not judge your partner on something they do not even know! Speak up.

5. If they love you they won’t cheat

This isn't true. Someone who loves you can cheat on you. And that someone cheated on you does not mean that they no longer love you.

However if they cannot consolidate that love with affection, love, dedication and most importantly, commitment to boot, you can't afford to be with them because love is actually never enough.

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