The Collectiv3 up the ante of music perfection with ''Live. Create. Repeat''

By drawing from a blend of different sounds and talent, The Collectiv3 succesfully craft a tune heavy and compelling project, that shows the charm in diversity.

When a renowned group like Show Dem Camp come to associate with talents who have helped define their most artistically balanced sound, 'Palmwine Music' under a name like Collectiv3, you suspect that it isn't just borne out of impulse, but rather a need to create something special and defining.

It has been a good year for hip-hop in Nigeria, if not a great one really.

2018 has seen a number of solid projects hit the shelf and aiding hip-hop's most telling run in the mainstream over the last couple of years, if not in sales, at least in zest, trends and debate epitomised by albums like the M.I Abaga inspired Lamb August offerings and Ladipoe's ''Talk About Poe''.

There are a few collaborations or pictured match-ups on the home scene that have been able to work its magic to adequately satisfy the exotic listening palates of the ever demanding audience.

In 2015, The Collectiv3, an assemblage of various artists that featured a talented and carefully selected bunch led by the vibrant rap duo of Show Dem Camp, with the likes of Ikon, Temi Dollface, Funbi, Poe alongside a number of collaborators in Nsikak, Nneka, Loose Kaynon and M.anifest came together for their debut effort, ''The Collectiv3 LP'', which enjoyed a fair share of critical success upon its release.

Three years is how long it has taken for an encore and within that period, there has been a number of changes not just to the cast but to the trending sounds in the genre.

Names like Tomi Thomas, Tems, and Preye now hold a starting shirt alongside the regulars while the likes of Funbi, who is set to release his debut EP, ''Serenade'' in November and Poe, now signed to one of the top labels in the land, Mavins, and recently put out his LP, ''T.A.P'', have grown from greenhorns to well rounded acts.


The matured, distinctive follow-up project from the camp, aptly titled, ''Live. create. repeat'' constitutes a mega banquet, a beautifully delivered 9 track maze that runs for close to 30 minutes with not a single minute running time allowed for fillers.

''Live. create. repeat'' begins with 'Fulfill Your Destiny' where new talent Mokeyanju takes to the spotlight.

The production sets the eclectic tone for her soothing voice that constantly croones at the background as she breaks into some spoken word, warmly delivering the opposite of what the first project opened with in the upbeat 'Akintunde' where Temi Dollface's vocals charges at your ears.


The opener lays the path for an album which is never miserly with tunes, as the second track, 'Kiss The Fire' is a triple 'T' threat with the familiar imprint of Tec's delivery, Tomi Thomas singing supported by Tems ragga vibe.

Funbi is the star of 'Hold U Down' as he serenades with expressions of love as Poe rhymes, ''It doesn't cost me a kobo to fall in love so deep, the kind of love that is measured only with sacrifice.''

Then there is the crisp 'Stop Me' where Tec and Ghost bring the bars to play, with 'Delilah' bringing the Poe and Funbi combo to the fore on a carribean influenced vibe that also parades Tomi Thomas.

'Try' is positive energy music with the melodic 'I Want It Back' created to hold you spellbound, as the album closes with the infectious 'Taking Over' featuring Preye.

'Live. Create. Repeat' will barely qualify as just rap, it is a bit of everything. With an assemblage of talents, the project hugs various artforms and boundaries, as SDC and Poe bring their lyrical agenda to the table, while Funbi, Tomi Thomas, and Tems all display amazing vocal dexterity across the tracks.

Production comes in the form of IKON and Spax, who are the vital forces that articulately make the music whole and the sound as compact as possible. Funbi is another who fully comes into his own and shines so bright on the project.

The attention span of music lovers have grown shorter since their debut offering, but on their return, the Collectiv3 haven't lost touch in anyway, delivering pristine music that makes the wait very much worth it.

They have successfully established that in so many elements comes a workable chemistry as the album is sublime, very well put together and a confident outburst of breathtaking ambition, that even with the uncertainty surrounding its commercial viability, its intent and solidity makes this one of the most resounding projects this year.

Rating: 4/5


3-Worth Checking Out
4-Smoking Hot

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