Should goat meat replace all the meat in your diet?

Should goat meat replace all the meat in your diet?

The health benefits of eating goat meat are numerous, scientists say it could save the planet.

Mainstream media thinks goat meat can save the planet, but does that mean goat meat should replace all the meat in your diet?

You might be wondering why western science is just catching up to the deliciousness that is goat meat, but Nigerians have been eating goat meat in various forms for a while now — goat meat peppersoup, asun and as protein in jollof rice, stews and soups.

Goat meat is relatively low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and leaner than beef, pork and even chicken when served in equivalent portion sizes. However, high proportions in your diet have been known to raise cholesterol levels and blood pressure, so, replacing all your meat might not be the best move.

Anyway, here are the health benefits of eating goat meat.

1. Recommended for pregnant women


Pregnant women are advised to eat goat meat because it is a good source of hemoglobin, prevents anaemia, and helps blood circulation. It's also good for women who are menstruating. Goat meat may even prevent birth defects.

2. Good for bone health

Goat meat is rich in calcium which is a good boost for the bones.

3. High in proteins

Goat meat is packed with proteins which is a key nutrient in the body.

4. Aids weightloss

Goat meat is rich in Vitamin B which is known to help in burning fat in the body, hence it can be a good staple for Fit Fam.

5. Contains essential acids and minerals

Goat meat is high in iron which is key in blood flow. It is also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, good for autistic people.

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