MUA Beautiverse shows you how to take your eye look from subtle to smoking hot in 5 easy steps

MUA Beautiverse shows you how to take your eye look from subtle to smoking hot in 5 easy steps

The last beauty look for Lagos Fashion Week 2018 was a full on glamorous look complete with dark lip and smoky eye and we're showing you how to recreate it.

We are back with the last beauty look of Lagos Fashion Week 2018 with our resident makeup artist, Beautiverse. This time, Beautiverse decided to go full-on glam with Pulse Lifestyle Editor Ntianu Obiora. MUA Beautiverse shows you how to take your eye look from subtle to smoking hot in 5 easy steps.

It's been a whirlwind 4 days as we hurtled through Lagos Fashion Week. Four days filled with fun, fashion and frivolity finally came to an end on Saturday night and we couldn't let the night go without a bang. For Day 1, we went with the signature Beautiverse beat which was a natural, subtle look that focused on skin and radiance.

For the last night, Beautiverse decided to switch it up by going for a dramatic smoky and vampy red lip.

Read below to see how Beautiverse achieved this look!

Hey Queens!

Want to rev up your eye look? Well come on in and have a seat,  you’ve come to right place! Here are 5 easy steps you can use at home tonight that will take your eye look from fresh to fierce INSTANTLY!

Step 1: Darken those brows baby:  When going for a more dramatic look, darkening the brows a little (and I mean JUST A LITTLE) gives the perfect balance of boldness and structure. 

Step 2: Smoke those eyes out: There's just something incredibly sexy about a smokey eye. Take a small fluffy blending brush and add your favorite dark brown eyeshadow. Blend your shadow upwards toward your brow bone and just a little above your crease.

Diffuse the darker brown with a lighter and warmer color. I like to use a reddish brown or an orange shade for this.  Remember, the key to this is not to go too dark and make sure to blend, blend blend!  


Step 3: Don’t forget your water line: Adding some dark eyeliner to your waterline is the perfect way to turn things up a few notches.

I like to apply a black eyeliner to the water line first then blend it downwards with a brown eyeshadow to create a gradient effect and dimension. 


Step 4: Tear Duct Glow: Placing a little shimmer in your inner tear duct every so gently just opens up the eye and literally makes you look more radiant and youthful instantly! Combo of Life!  

Step 5: Fluff up those lashes: Glam up your look with fuller lashes! Having fuller lashes ties your entire eye look together seamlessly.  I like to use a lash that is super wispie and layered to achieve this.

Don’t forget your lower lash line as well! Using a lengthening mascara to stretch and darken your lower lashes gives balance to your overall eye look!


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