Check out 5 foods you should avoid before travelling

Check out 5 foods you should avoid before travelling

Long flights or hours on the road don't need you squirming in your seat over what you ate.

Here are the 5 foods you should absolutely avoid while travelling.

Have you ever been in a commercial vehicle that has everyone hissing and sighing because of the gas someone in the car had been releasing? Or the obnoxiously loud murmurs and complaints whenever someone needs to come down and use the toilet by the roadside?

In order not to be that person, here are some foods you should definitely avoid. Also, check out the commercial stops you are bound to make during road travel.

1. Mama-Put

We advise to avoid foods with unsure hygiene during preparation, serving and eating. Not to discriminate, but many road-side shacks and mama-put joints are guilty of questionable restaurant hygiene. A simple fly could have perched on the food and send you running to the toilet throughout your trip. That doesn't sound so great, especially if you're going to be on the road for a long time.

2. Fried foods

KFC fried chicken, chips, and other greasy, artery-clogging fast food are not good before flying. Their high sodium and saturated fats content makes digestion at 37,000 feet difficult and lead to water retention in unwanted areas of the body. They could also lead your feet to swell.

3. Beans and other gassy foods


Gas giants like beans, egg, refined grains, etc, may cause excess flatulence. This could cause you distress and offend your fellow passengers. These foods could also give you heartburn which you don't want to be experiencing during a long trip. If you are lactose intolerant, of course, you should also avoid milk.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol most times is taken to act as a sleep-aid, but taken in excessive amounts could cause dehydration, dizziness and ultimately, car/plane sickness. You don't want to be throwing up throughout your journey do you? If you are going to take a few cocktails, keep it to the minimum and accompany with plenty of water.

5. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated beverages also contribute to bloating and cramping, as well as impede digestion. Once again, the gas generated as a result of this could cause you and your fellow passengers distress.

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